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My first exposure to the world of artistic creativity started in childhood. I grew up in a family of sculptors, and from an early age I watched the older members of my family as they displayed their artistry. I became acquainted with complex genre of fine art soon. When I was watching my father’s work, I picked up my first piece of plasticine, and I never wanted to put it down.

Sculpture became a part of my life, a way of my realization and embodiment of my thoughts. In 1996 my parents understood that i was a creative person, and enrolled me to the Kiev Children's Art Academy where I tried myself in painting, drawing and other applied arts.

During time of my study there, I became a laureate of many contests and exhibitions. Despite the gravity of the choice to devote myself to art, I decided to continue down this road. For this reason, in 2001, I entered to the Art School of Shevchenko in sculpture. There I studied anatomy, sculpture and drawing. It was really exciting time for personal growth and greatly assisted the development of my skills as an artist. Sculpture became a part of me, a way of self-expression and embodiment of my deepest thoughts. In 2008, I graduated from the Art School of Shevchenko. In the same year, I entered to the Kiev National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture.

Here I have continued my study of classical sculpture and have honed my own style of sculpture. In 2011, one of my creative works was a prize-winner at the "Trienniale 2011". I have been trying to learn how to creatively employ many mediums of sculpting such as plasticine, clay, plaster, and the sculpture of beach sand and ice. I offer you my creativity and an open door to my world art. I want to share my personal artistic style with you, and a true expression of myself.